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Pop-Up Menu Builder


This site is the first site, which allows you to create impressive and professional menu on right mouse click on your site. No programming knowledge is required! Don't worry about compatibility. It works in all modern browsers. No need to download any programs. Try to create it Now! Creation is very easy and fast. Provide to visitors of your sites convenience and new opportunities. Give your site new functionality. iskalkO


  You still now use the standard menu on click of the right button of the mouse on your site? Millions other web-masters act precisely also. Earlier you did not have choice, but now you have an opportunity to change not only style of the menu on click of the right button of the mouse, but also functionality of items of the menu. At your order there is a plenty of functions, not only exhaustive all standard, but also giving to your site many additional opportunities. If you do not accept any of set of the functions prepared for you, you can write own function on JavaScript and assign to item of the menu.

  Now you can assign to different pages of your site different menus of different styles. Also you can assign to different elements on page different menus. For example, if you the developer of online shop, images of the goods can assign such menu: put to basket, details, presence in a warehouse, compare with other models, etc., and on other part of page to leave the standard menu if, certainly, it arranges you.
This is not full list of advantages of using this pop-up menu.


popup menusAdvantages of using this pop-up menu:

  • Difference from all others. Surprise visitors.
  • Add any your own items to right mouse click menu and put on them any actions or pages: About, Write E-Mail to Author, Add to Basket, Send Form, Set Home Page, Go to Main Page and others. You can set any action on any item of the menu.
    Many useful functions for you menu can been found here.
  • Repeat only useful standard items and remove superfluous. For example, code for Print Page:
    Item Open in New Window occurs automatically, when visitor presses right button of the mouse on the link.
  • Put different menus on different pages of yours site and even on different elements of one page. How to do it look in the Menus Developer's Guide.
  • If you accept the standard menu, leave it, but change its style. That it was more suitable to design of your pages.
  • You can give your visitors opportunity (or hope ;) return standard browsers menu by one click on special item (see useful functions), or not give.
  • Standard menus are various in different browsers. Our menu looks equally in all (modern) browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Netscape, Opera* on different platforms: Windows, Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD, MacOS. No problems with low level browsers.
  • Pop-Up Blockers and plugins for Internet Explorer (such Maxthon) can't stop this menu. Try!
  • The pop-up menu is convenient to use as map of site for fast navigation. Due to multi levels visitor can go from any page to any page from all units, passing intermediate. Example: Travel to Siberia.
  • Disable right mouse click.
  • Protect Your images against copying.
  • Small size: less 5 Kb. As small picture. Rivals menus are more than 30 Kb.
  • Easy to create

  Sign in to receive all opportunities and convenience of the server version. Server version is Free too  and you will have an opportunity to get additional paid services.

popup menusAdvantages of Free Server version:

  • You receive the convenient interface for working with menu, wizard of change of style, online toolkit of the developer.
  • The menu will be stored in your account. At any moment you can change style of the menu and menu. You will not need to change anything on your pages, menu there will change instantly and automatically.
  • Insert the menu on your pages now as easy as shelling pears. You insert one line, and on page there is professional full functional menu.
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